Cheap Chairs Vertical Force Tester
Cheap Chairs Vertical Force Tester

Cheap Chairs Vertical Force Tester

Made In China Cheap Chairs Vertical Force Tester

Product Details
Technical Parameters

Cheap Chairs Vertical Force Tester


Equipment Description

Test rig for chair base is used for the vertical pressure test, destructive test and fatigue test of office chair Ipomoea base (Star Base), repeated pressure loading with setting force and test cycles as the fatigue test. All holding pressure time and cycle number of tests can be adjusted.




Machine Dimensions: (W x D x H) 1410*1360*1700 mm

Power supply source: single-phase, AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz (can be appointed)

Gross Weight: 450kg

Reference Doc: BIFMA X5.1 2011   clause 7 Base Test-Static


BIFMA X5.1 2011 Base Test Procedure:

Remove the casters or glide foot (castors/ glide stems shall remain in place). Caster/ glide stems are required for support. Remove the seat support mechanism and height adjustment mechanism (if applicable) from the base. Apply the load to the vertical support column, or test fixture that simulated the taper/base interface.

a) A force of 11,120 N (2500 lbf.) shall be applied for one minute

b) Remove the force

c) Apply a second force of 11,120 N (2500 lbf.) for one minute

d) Remove the load 

Product Parameters


2000kg ( Transcell senor)

Unit switch

gfkgf, N, LBf, W, KN, T

Load resolution


Load accuracy

within ±0.5% 

Max stroke

750mm including grip

Test speed

(0.01-100)mm/min (computer input)

Drive device

imported servo motor

Stroke resolution

0.001 mm


RS232 with operation software;

one computer(for optional)