Office Chair Universal Tester
Office Chair Universal Tester

Office Chair Universal Tester

The machine is designed to test office chair arm( vertical and horizonal test ) and back strength. It with PLC contro

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Technical Parameters

Office Chair Universal Tester

Main function:

The machine is designed to test office chair arm( vertical and horizonal test ) and back strength. It with PLC controller, touch screen interface to input test parameters, test force and times can be set, count the time when reach setting force and return back automatically when time over.


Design standard: BIFMA  X5.1-2011  5610131415161920

Backrest Strength Test - Static - Type l  Applicability 

This backrest strength test shall be performed on Type I chairs.  For chairs with tilt locks, locking the chair changes the chair type (See Section 4) and must also be tested according to Section 6 in the upright locked position.  An additional chair may be used for the Section 6 testing.   Note: This test does not apply to chairs with backrest height less than 200 mm (7.9 in.). 

Arm Strength Test - Vertical – Static Applicability

This test applies to all chairs with arms. The purpose of the test is to evaluate the ability of a chair and arm to withstand stresses caused by applying vertical forces on the arm(s). 

Main Parameters:

1Tension mechanism, servo motor and the strap pulley architecture, the intensity of the rotation transformed into tension and supplemented force values turn sensor read correctly tension, the action of the closed-loop control of servo motor to achieve a number of pull. Static and cyclic testing. Rally and speed can be set free. Mainly used for 5, 6,13,14,15, and 16 test.

2In addition to this machine is also configured with two groups of electric actuator, respectively, for a group of the vertical apparatus and the horizontal apparatus 1 group, each group independently adjust the speed and thrust. Stroke is 500mm

3The vertical means of the servo motor can be used for the actuator, the vertical position adjustment, mainly used for the first 11.4,22,23 and 24 of the test; the maximum pressure is 150 kg.

4Level device servo motor caused the brake position adjustment of the pieces up and down and left and right mobile and flexible to meet the demand for different test location, is mainly used for 10,12.3 and 12.4 testing. 50 kg maximum thrust, adjustable up and down the range from 500 mm to 1200 mm

5the bottom plate of the test machine drilling multiple rows of screw holes for easy installation of different attachments and fixed test conditions

6each electric actuator front-end with a quick connector for easy replacement of the load block and fixture

7control mode: PLC with LCD touch screen

8the maximum tension value150kg

9the maximum thrust valuehorizontal):50kg

10the maximum pressure valueVertical150kg

11Can be equipped with computers, recording force and displacement changes.

12  Capacity: 0-500kg

13Setting time: 0-99S

14Machine size: L×W×H1500×1400×1800mm

15Test accessories:  One test platform for arm test; arm vertical test grips; one back strength test grips.

Product Parameters




Clause 5


Backrest Strength Test Static – Type I


Chair Measuring Device x1


The chair measure  x 1


Backrest Strength Test Static - Type II & III



Front corner Load-Ease Test – Cyclic

Diameter 203 mm loading device x 1


Tilt mechanism Test

102kg  one weight

12.3, & 12.3.2

Rear Stability Test for type I.II, & III chair

1Stability Disks x 13

21.5 x 356 x 711 mm  polypropylene support

fixture x 1


Front stability

12d Front stability loading fixtureX 1

12e front stability loading disk x1

12g front stability loading fixtureX 1

135 lb  farmar 1

Pull-push gauge with attachment x1


Arm strength test-vertical-static

Loading adaptor 100 x 127 mmx 1

C- fixture x 1


Arm strength test



15 & 16

Backrest durability test

-cyclic for type I, II & III

Loading device back pullx 1

Form fitting device 305mm+/- 13mm x 89mm +/-13mm & thickness 12mm  x 4


Out stop Test

74 kg counterweight iron x 125 kg counterweight iron 1 x


Tablet Arm Chair Static Load Test



Tablet arm chair load ease test – Cyclic