Formaldehyde Test Chamber
Formaldehyde Test Chamber

Formaldehyde Test Chamber

Formaldehyde Test Chamber is used to test formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panel, composite wood floorin

Product Details

Formaldehyde Test Chamber



Formaldehyde Test Chamber is used to test formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panel, composite wood flooring, carpet, carpet padding, and other interior decoration materials, also other building materials under constant temperature humidity

Working Principle

Put sample into 1 square meter test chamber, under specify temperature, humidity, air velocity. The formaldehyde will released from samples and mixed with the air in the chamber, the air will be drawn through the absorption bottle is filled with distilled water, all the formaldehyde in air dissolve in the water; Measure the amount of formaldehyde in the absorption solution and extraction of air volume, and show it by micrograms per cubic meter (mg/m³).

Design Standards

GB18580—2017, GB18584, GB18587—2001, GB17657—2013, GB50325—2010, ASTM D6007—14, EN 717-1, ASTM D6007-2, GB/T 31107-2014, SZJG52-2016...


1. Stainless steel inner chamber, the surface is smooth without condensation, no adsorption formaldehyde, guarantee the accuracy.
2. Using a 7-inch touch screen as a dialogue interface for personnel operation equipment, intuitive and convenient. Used imported sensors and control curves can be automatically recorded and plotted.
3. It adopts industrial modules and imported programmable controllers, good running stability and reliability.
4. The control program and operation interface are in accordance with the relevant test standard optimization design and simplely convenient operation.
5. It changed the existing reciprocating humidify the fog, dew point method is used to humidify, make the casing humidity change smoothly, thus greatly improve the accuracy of moisture control.
6. It adopted the imported film platinum resistor as temperature sensor, high precision, stable performance.。
7. With advanced technology in the heat exchanger and high thermal efficiency, reduce the temperature gradient。
8. The compressor, such as temperature and humidity sensor, controller, relay device and so on, these spare parts adopted imported components。
9. Protection device: climate, water tank has high and low temperature dew point alarm protection with high and low water level alarm protective measures.
10. Integration of the whole machine structure is compact; Installation, debugging and use is very simple.

Main Technical Parameters


Item Specification
Inner volume (1±0.02)m
Test temperature range (10- 40)℃ (deviation: ±0.5℃, Resolution 0.1℃) Adjustable
Humidity range (30- 80)% R.H. (accuracy:±3%, Resolution 0.1%) Adjustable
Background levels formaldehyde≤0.006mg/m³
Air exchange 0.1- 2 m/s, accuracy:±0.05 m/s, Adjustable
Air replacement rate 0.2- 2m³/h, accuracy: ±5%, Adjustable
Leakproofness 1KPa relative pressure, leakage rate<10-3×1m³/min, import and export air differ<1%
Out dimension (W×D×H) 1630 x 1200 x 1850mm
Working hours not less than 40 days
Power One phase, AC220V,50Hz,3KW