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Mattress Fatigue Tester

                             Hardness testing Instrument

   In the natural environment, Temperature and humidity are inseparable two natural factors, Different areas due to different geographical location, the resulting temperature, humidity effects are also different. This test is used to confirm the suitability of the product for storage, transportation and use under temperature and humidity climate conditions. The degree of rigor of the test depends on the high/low temperature, humidity and exposure duration.

Test criteria for reference:

GB/T 2423.3,IEC 60068-2-78,GB/T 2423.4,IEC 60068-2-30,EIA 364,MIL-STD-810F etc.                                                                                                                                                                                                

                 Chair Seat Combined Tester
                  Drop Impact Test Machine for Chair



The base of the chair shall be secured on a rotating table with a test surface so that the rotating axis of the chair coincides with the rotating axis of the table. The upper part of the chair shall be loosely fixed in such a way as not to hinder the rotation of the base. Load the seat in loading point A with a mass 60 KG and in loading point with a mass 35KG or any equivalent loading which will result in the same downwards force and bending moment on the chair. The angle of rotation shall be 360° at a rate of (10 ± 5) cycles/minute, 120,000 cycles. Change direction after each rotation.

Test criteria for reference:

EN 1335EN14073-2,ISO4628-3, DIN 38878, BIFMA X5.1               

                          Rain Spray Test RoomConstant Force

                            Foam Indentation Force Deflection Teste            

 The machine is used to test foam fatigue by repeating indentation of a test piece, the maximum load                reached during each cycle being kept within specified limits.

   Test criteria for reference:

    ASTM D 3574, ISO 3385


                     Three-Seat Sofa Durability Tester

                             Functional sofa iron frame tester

This tester simulates the normal conditions of usage to determine the sofa’s endurance under a long-term repeatability loading. The principle is to simulate normal functional use to determine the strength of the three-sofa structure by applying to seating and backrest with loads.Using a certain shape and load modules, with specific form, frequency, respectively, repeating load seating, backrest and armrest. Three tests can work together or independently, also the test position is adjustable.

Test criteria for reference:

     EN 4875

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