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High Low Temperature Tensile Strength Tester




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


L/C, D/P, T/T




This High low temperature tensile strength tester can do tensile test, tear test, peel test, bond test with different clamps for textile, fabric, leather,tape, film and other kind of materials with high low temperature environment.

This tensile test equipment uses the motor to drive screw to move fixtures. Fix sample between upper and lower fixture and pull sample by the upper fixture upward with specified speed. The load cell connecting with upper fixture will sense the force and then convert it into voltage sign to the display screen. Force value will be displayed automatically on the screen.

Applications(tensile testing):

Deformation under defined load: Test deformation under defined load of tested sample
Load under defined deformation: Test load under defined deformation of tested sample
Software can issue report with results for max. force, elongation, tensile strength, peel strength, tear strength, compression strength, etc.
This machine can do different test as per customer requirement such as peel test, tear test, compression test, bend test with different clamps.

Design Standard(inculding but not limited to…):

Tensile Test: ASTM D882 ASTM D 638 / ISO 527-1/2
Bend Test ISO-178 / ASTM D 790
Tear Test:ASTM D 624
Peel Test : ASTM D 3330
Compression Test : ASTM D 659


Tensile Parts Standard Features:

Item Description
Max. Force 50KN
Load cell Germany brand load cell for high accuracy
Control system PC with windows 7 system
Motor Panasonic servo motor w/ DC variable speed drive system, high-precision mechanical ball screw rod
Force reading kgf, Ibf, N, KN, T etc
Stoke 1300mm including fixture
Load cell Resolution 1/100,000
Load Precision within ±0.5%
Test speed 0.01~300mm/min (adjustable)
Software TM 2101
Curves display Load- elongation, Elongation-time, Time-elongation, Stress-strain
Data display Max. force, speed, sample information, strength(Kpa, Mpa, N/mm, N/mm2) etc…
Safety features E-Stop
Over-load protection
Upper and lower limit switches
Load sensor with automatic retreat
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HD-615 5000 kg (50KN) Max. Force / for textile, waterproof material, wire and cable, net rope, wire, metal rod, fiber, metal chain, metal plate and other materials
HD-B616 20KN-1000KN (Hydraulic) load range / for waterproof material, wire and cable, net rope, wire, metal rod, fiber, metal chain, metal plate and other materials
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Tensile Software:

The TM2101 software is designed purposely for computer controlled electronic universal testing machine, used for tension, compress, bend, shear, tearing andpeel test. With the personal computer and interface plate, it could collect, save, process and print test result. Further it can calculate multiple parameters, i.e. maximum force, yield strength, average peel force maximum deformation, yielding point and elastic modulus; this system is featured in curve process, multi-sensor support, image interface, flexible data process and powerful system function.

Chamber Standard Features

Item Specification
Internal dimension (W*D*H) 400*700*400mm
Temperature range -40~+150℃
Temperature Accuracy ±1℃
Humidity accuracy ±3%R.H
Cooling speed 1℃/min in average (without loading)
Heating speed 2℃/min in average (without loading)
Internal chamber material SUS#304 stainless steel, mirror finished
External chamber material Stainless steel with paint spray
Cooling method Air cooling
Controller Korea TEMI 880 controller
LCD touch screen, programmable control temperature and humidity
Can set different parameter for cyclic test
Insulation material 50mm high density rigid Polyurethane foam
Heater Explosion-proof type SUS#304 stainless steel fins radiator pipe heater
Compressor France Tecumseh compressor
Lighting Heat resistance
Temperature sensor PT-100 dry and wet bulb sensor
Observation window Tempered glass
Testing hole Diameter 50mm, for cable routing
Safety protection device Protection for leakage
Compressor overvoltage and overload
Heater short circuit
Water shortage


Applications(environment testing):

1. To simulate test environment with different temperature
2. Cyclic test includes climatic conditions: holding test, cooling-off test, heating-up test
3. Cable port with flexible silicone plug for cable routing to provide the condition of test unit under operation
4. Uncover test unit weakness in a short-term test with accelerated time effect

Chamber Design Features:

1. High performance and quiet operation (68 dBA)
2. Space-saving designed for flush installation to wall
3. Full thermal break around doorframe
4. One 50mm diameter cable port o left, with flexible silicone plug
5. Direct water supply connection for continuous operation
6. Accurate wet/dry-bulb humidity measurement system for easy maintain

Programmable Controller:

1. PIC controller for test chamber
2. Step types include: ramp, soak, jump, auto-start, and end
3. RS-232 interface to connect computer for output

Internal Chamber:

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