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Multifunction Chair Universal Testing Machine




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


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1 Purpose
Furniture Comprehensive Testing Equipment is simulated in everyday conditions , inspection rocking chair bearing durability . The test will be a certain shape , quality of load modules , placed on the seat in the rear seat back repeatedly push and pull action until after a certain number of test bearing conditions , this test can always conducive to improved product mix , eliminating potential quality problems , improve product durability and reliability .


2 , the principle
Rocking chair with a seat surface shaped back position , the weight of the horizontal load of the module to load in the form of the predetermined frequency repetitive load movement


Testing standards:
According to EN 1335-3,EN 581 2,EN 1728, BIFMA X5.1,can do chair bending durability test,According to EN 527-3 and EN 581-3,can do desk vertical and horizontal test, 5 action operator,it can do test automatically.
Sample:Chair,swivel chair,armchair,stool,rocking chair,desk.
System configuration:Test table is used to interactive bending test:chair seat, back of chair,handrail and chair,and together with desk horizontal and vertical test.
– Central controller,provide 5 independent cylinder stator and controller.
– PC workstation,provide programmable,visualization and assess.


3 the main technical parameters
Swing amplitude 300 ~ 500mm
Calculator 0 ~ 999 , 999 times ( adjustable
Weights 10KG ( of 15 )
Maximum counterweight weight 150KG
Dimensions ( approx . ) ( L * W * H ) 1650 * 1300 * 2150mm
Power 3 ∮ , AC380V , 50Hz
En1728 , GB1728 , Bifma × 5 . 5
Chair back strength durability test
Chair leg strength test – forward / lateral loading
Pedals ( ring ) static load test – Vertical
Pedals ( ring ) endurance test
Handrails durability test equipment


Capacity 200kg ( TECSIS senor)
Controller and Interface Programmable logic controller, touch screen interface
Accessories Chair Pull Fixture x 1
Seat loading pad x 1
Leg strength Test Fixture x 1
Arm Strength Test-Horizontal Fixture x 1
Stability Disk x 13
Back loading pad x 1
Dead Weight (109 Kg) x 1
CMD measuring device x 1
Air Pressure 7 Bar
Standard BIFMA X5.1 5  Backrest Strength Test-Static-Type I

6  Backrest Strength Test-Static-Type II and III

9  Tilt Mechanism Test-Cyclic

10.4 Front Corner Load-Ease Test – Cyclic

11  Stability Test

13  Arm Strength Test-Horizontal-Static

14  Backrest Durability Test-Cyclic-Type I

15  Backrest Durability Test-Cyclic-Type II and Type III

17  Leg strength Test-Front and Side Application

22  Tablet Arm Chair Static Load Test

23  Tablet Arm Chair Load Ease Test-Cyclic

24  Structural Durablility

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