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Digital Foam Air Permeability Tester




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Each set protected with resin fiber and PP film, then put into Strong wooden case with operation manual and video inside.


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Air permeability is an important factor in the performance of such textile materials as gas filters, fabrics for air bags, clothing, mosquito netting, parachutes, sails, tentage, and vacuum cleaners. In filtration, for example, efficiency is directly related to air permeability. Air permeability also can be used to provide an indication of the breathability of weather-resistant and rainproof fabrics, or of coated fabrics in general, and to detect changes during the manufacturing process. In specialty, industrial and military applications, it can play a vital role in protection. In every market, satisfying the demands of consumers and producers requires ways to accurately and repeatably test material air flow.


ASTM D737 Standard Test Method for Air Permeability of Textile Fabrics
ISO 9237 Textiles – Determination of the Permeability of Fabrics to Air
BS 5636, DIN 53887, AFNOR G07-111, EDANA 140.1, ISO 7231, ISO 9073-15, JIS L1096-A
TAPPI T251, WSP 070.1.R3, EDANA 140.2-99



Measuring Range 0.1-12,000 mm/s at 20 cm² test area.
Units of measure mm/s, m3/m2.min, cm3/cm2.s, m3/m2.h, cfm, L/dm2.min, L/m2.s
Measuring Accuracy better than ± 2 % of the displayed value
Test pressure Range 1-4,000 Pa
Display Touch screen
Test Areas 5,20, 25, 38.5 and 100 cm²
Sample Thickness ≤12mm
Dimensions 1070 x 670 x 1080 mm
Power Supply 110V,60Hz
Weight 75 Kg


To determine the resistance of fabrics (woven, knitted and nonwoven textile materials) to the passage of air (air flow) under constant pre-set air pressure while firmly clamped in the test rig of selected test head/area.


1.Test the conditioned specimens in the standard atmospherefor testing textiles, which is 21±1°C (70±2°F) and65±2 % relative humidity, unless otherwise specified in amaterial specification or contract order.
2. Handle the test specimens carefully to avoid alteringthe natural state of the material.
3. Place each test specimen onto the test head of the testinstrument, and perform the test as specified in the manufacturer’soperating instructions.
4. Place coated test specimens with the coated sidedown (towards low pressure side) to minimize edge leakage.
5. Make tests at the water pressure differential specifiedin a material specification or contract order. In the absence ofa material specification or contract order, use a water pressuredifferential of 125 Pa (12.7 mm or 0.5 in. of water).
6.Read and record the individual test results in SI units ascm³/s/cm² and in inch-pound units as ft³/min/ft² rounded tothree significant digits.


1. Wide measuring range of 0.1-12,000 l/m²/s at 20 cm² test area.
2. Wide test pressure range of 1-4,000 Pa.
3. For filter media: Determination of the pressure drop at a given air velocity.
4. Automatic control of the test pressure.
5. Fast and simple sample clamping(Pneumatic Clamping Assembly).
6. Touch control panel for digital display of the test result.
7. Quiet and mobile instrument, perfectly suitable for use in the laboratory and in the production area.
8. Data ports: RS 232. Ethernet for direct network access.
9.Integrated software for evaluation and storage of the test results in office format.
10. Can be connected to a PC with the Evaluation Program SBT461 Air Permeability Tester lab-cloud.
11. Works in accordance with all major test standards.


1. Main Unit: 01 No.
2. Test Heads:02 Nos.
0 cm²for DIN 53887, EN ISO 9237, WSP 70.1
38.5 cm²for ASTM D 737, JIS L 1096-A, TAPPI T 251, WSP 70.1
3.SBT461 Air Permeability Tester lab-cloud: 01 No.
4.Calibration Check Plate:02 Nos. (ΦO=7.8 and ΦO= 21.6)
5.O-Ring for Air Seal: 01 No. (pack of 5)
6.Nozzle:11 Nos.



No. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
ΦO(mm) 0.8 1.2 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 16 20

7.Power Cord: 01 No.
8.This User’s Manual:01 No.
9.Inspection & Conformance Certificate: 01 No.


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