Working principle of mattress durability tester

Working principle of mattress durability tester


Product introduction:

Drum mattress durability tester can also be called a mattress durability tester, the tester is mainly used to test the mattress for long-term repeatability load capacity, the machine on the basis of human sleep to continuous rolling design in practical simulation human sleep, according to national standards available cylindrical or hexagonal roller on the horizontal loading test parts of the mattress under repeated loading, to test the mattress for long-term repeatability load capacity.Meet ASTM F1566 part 7 durability test requirements.Durability tests run the entire mattress through a 240-pound hexagon cylinder for 100,000 cycles (200,000 passes);About 10 years of life.The height and hardness of the mattress is evaluated by the technician before and after the durability test.In the test summary, the height and hardness of the mattress showed any changes or visual damage,all of them shoud to report.


Scope of application:

A mattress durability tester tests the durability of a foam or spring mattress by simulating long-term use conditions.The tester has a roller that simulates what you do when you sleep, rolling back and forth across a fixed mattress width.The roller can be adjusted through the governor to suit different width of the mattress.

Meet the standards:

ASTM F1566 section 7: mattress roll durability test

Use the hexagonal cylinder to simulate most of the actual movements of sleep, and examine the reduced height, stability, and any structural damage of the mattress through 100,000 consecutive cycles of testing.

Working principle:

The durability test machine is combined with different design standards at home and abroad, but the test principle, operation process and test purpose are basically the same, that is to test and verify the stability and durability of the mattress.Its working principle namely USES the motor drive to cooperate the pneumatic principle to simulate the human body movement to and fro to roll over the mattress, after completing certain number of times can see whether its change state satisfies the qualified request

Technical parameters:

1. Product weight: 3,000 LBS / 1 KGS

2. Transport weight: 3,300 LBS / 1 KGS

3. Product volume: 101"x113"x82"

4. Test station: 1

5. Cycle times: 100,000 times

6. Drum weight: 240 pounds

Product features:

1. Optional safety protection and/or lighting screen

2. Adjustable speed, up to 20 times per minute

3. Adjustable travel

4. Upper and lower overtravel limit switch to prevent machine damage

5. Powder coated steel, aluminum and stainless steel structures

6. Use the battery to lift and lift the roller after power failure

7. Electric connection point provides safety interlock switch for customers

8. The voltage is usually 480/3, which can be used 240/3 (or other voltage outside the United States).