Why do we need to perform the furniture testing?

Furniture testing is similar to the way students take the college entrance exam to verify their academic performance so that universities can make a selection. Students of the university entrance exam to prove that they have learned the knowledge degree, furniture is through testing equipment testing data to prove their quality to which extent, like the university entrance exam score of school students score more than can be admitted to a famous university, and furniture of the detected data can be exported according to export quality standards.

Furniture enterprises set up their own laboratory, of course, is not a easy thing, purchase test equipment is paramount, must choose reliable equipment suppliers, especially the same or similar and authoritative third-party laboratory equipment, so that the test results will more comparable and contain more reference value, just like Haida International Equipment, we are able to get the approval from many big furniture enterprises.

We have also helped SGS in Vietnam, Intertek in India and other world-renowned testing institutions to establish laboratories.

As we know, all furniture and components are subjected to various loads in daily use. At the same time, high requirements must be met in terms of safety, quality and durability. To ensure that furniture and components meet these requirements, it is important to test individual components as well as finished products. This applies to quality assurance in development and production. And furniture and components must meet many national and international standards or certification codes. Just like the office chair, each component of it can make people more comfortable and secure when they use it after being tested by professional office chair detection instruments.

The quality of furniture on the market is uneven, and consumers are afraid that the furniture they buy is only superficial, but the quality is not passed. After all, furniture also accounts for a large proportion of home life, but how do we know whether the furniture sold to us by merchants is good or bad? Have the indicators been met again? At this time, we need to rely on furniture testing instruments to give us an objective feedback.