Warm congratulations to our company for another national invention patent

Recently, our company and Anhui Agricultural University Ergonomics Research Center and other units independently developed the research results of "A Quantitative Test Method for Mattress Hardness Grading" successfully obtained the national invention patent authorization (patent number ZL 2019 1 0092341.9). A patent application was filed for this achievement in January 2019, and the patent was authorized in January 2021, and the patent certificate was officially obtained. At the same time, the national standard for this patent is under review.

The product developed after the transformation of the invention patent (HD-F701 Mattress Fitting and Hardness Tester) is used for the delivery of spring soft mattresses and foam mattresses used in households, hotels, restaurants and other occasions. Finished product inspection, the mattress hardness and fit are tested, and the grade of the sample is evaluated according to the test after the test is completed.