The Trend Of Furniture Industry

     With the development of times,Furniture industry is developing constantly. The furniture styles become more and more diversified. All kinds of characteristic furniture is born at the right time. Such as Chinese classical furniture, European classical style, American style furniture, Nordic style furniture and modern style furniture.

     In addition to diversified styles, furniture materials also become diversified, for example, the application of new materials.In the long history of thousands of years, furniture from traditional wood, bamboo into steel, alloy materials.And ergonomics in the furniture industry.We also often see at ordinary times "chair of human body engineering", "sofa of human body engineering" wait a moment, the demand on furniture of contemporary consumer is from "some is used" to "use good" change, so the intimacy of furniture now becomes one of important standards.Ergonomics (or ergonomics) is more and more closely integrated with furniture manufacturing, which is to solve the problem that furniture makes people more comfortable to use, sit and lie down through scientific large-scale experiments.

But style how diversity, the formaldehyde problem of furniture still exists.At present each big furniture manufacturer thinks method solving formaldehyde problem, make healthy zero formaldehyde becomes possible.The furniture before is to use resin gummy wood chip to make density board, formaldehyde is contained inescapably in resin adhesive. If the wood chip is combined with the polymer material, because the polymer material does not contain formaldehyde, it is very likely to produce a set of zero-formaldehyde furniture.So how to accurately detect the presence of formaldehyde? Haida highly recommends it!

Formaldehyde Testing Chamber:
     It is used to test formaldehyde emission of various wood-based panel, composite wood flooring, carpet, carpet padding, and other interior decoration materials, also other building materials under constant temperature humidity.