How to use mattress test machine ?

The mattress test machine can be used to test any different parts of the sample, including the middle area, four corners and edges of the sample, to compare the internal and external characteristics of the sample. Once the test site needs to be compared is set, the instrument should be used to test the same site for each sample. The default impact height of the instrument is calculated from the top of the sample test site. Once the top of the sample test site is set, the hammer will be raised to the set height and the test will start until the end of the test.

mattress test machine

For more professional testing, use a mattress hardness tester. Mattress hardness tester's testing method for mattress hardness: 1. The initial measurement of the mattress hardness tester should be carried out after 100 cycles of loading at the beginning of the durability test. The test point should be located at the center of the roller test area. 2. Before each test, the test product should be placed in a standard environment for a specified time to restore balance; 3. The spring soft mattress surface softness tester is preloaded to 1000N at the loading point, then unloaded, and repeated 3 times. Each preload cycle time (the time interval between unloading and loading) does not exceed 30 seconds. The measurement should be carried out within 30 seconds after the end of the last preload cycle; 4. When measuring the load deflection, there should be an even number of measurement conclusions, and the load should be increased to 1000N. When recording the loading deflection curve, the loading point should not be less than 250 points in the range from 0 to 1000N. In the range from 0 to 450N, no more than 2N should be recorded for one loading point.