ISTA Simulation Clamping Test Machine

ISTA (International Safe Transit Association), the International Safe Transit Association, has been committed to assisting members to develop effective packaging, methods, logistics systems, etc. to improve the safety performance of product transportation packaging, thereby preventing or reducing product transportation and handling. losses encountered in the process. The organization has issued a series of standards and documents such as test procedures and test items as a unified basis for evaluating the safety performance of transport packaging.

According to ISTA 3J, ASTM D6055 and SEARS enterprise standards, Haida has developed a simulation clamping test machine. This test machine not only has the characteristics of simple operation, high precision, good stability and durability, but also has a good man-machine interface in both Chinese and English. Stable clamping, uniform output, automatic reset and many other advantages. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

The Clamping Test Machine drives the sliding platform up and down through the oil cylinder drive, and the motor drives the screw rod to move the left and right splints inward, thereby compressing the sample; the force value sensor is connected to the display to automatically display the force value.

This tester can do clamping experiments alone, clamping + lifting experiments, and cycle tests.