How to purchase furniture test machine

How to purchase furniture test machine

With the improvement of human living standards, there were higher and higher quality requirements for furniture Industry! For the development of an enterprise, good quality is the key to its development. Therefore, in the quality control department, skillful selection of a set of furniture detection equipment can not only effectively and timely control the status of their products, but also improve the market share and competition of the enterprise!

For furniture manufacturer, only master good product quality ability has more open development space. Therefore, the product monitoring department needs to have good skills to choose a good furniture testing equipment for the company.

How does product monitor personnel select high-quality furniture testing instruments? The following Suggestions are put forward for your reference.

First of all, the purchasing personnel should systematically classify the test items needed for their own products, and at the same time understand the corresponding standard design and related standard literature, so that they can select the test equipment they want without any trouble.


1. Evaluation of testing equipment manufacturers; For good quality testing equipment, there is a company background with scale and strength, without a good background, do not make a decision at will, it is best to ask the manufacturer where to visit and investigate.

2. Composition of production process; For the production process of sofa detection equipment, there is no reasonable result configuration, which cannot be used normally. Be like a sofa to want to pass a few thousand times to press stretch test, if do not have good production technology, how can assure performance again!

3. Whether the design is standard or not; Good testing standards must be made according to standards, but the market is mostly under the guise of standardization to cheat customers! It is not hard to see that, with a little attention, the corresponding testing and verification of the parameters of the design and the standards of the test will come out. The relevant standards for the reference should be verified and verified on the Internet and in the materials. You should not believe the standards provided by the manufacturer.

4. Product comparison; Multi-purpose products compare of several manufacturers, good is good, believe that as long as there is strength of the manufacturers, is not afraid someone to compare, the real wise vendors will thank you for your comparison, should be by comparing you let more people know their company, also let they discovered a potential problem, to continue to improve, provides the Suggestions. Such ability has the product outstanding, ability deserves our trust!

5. Be particular about price; The market is always a price, a delivery! But the truth is that price is a guarantee of quality. Like why many like to buy the thing that imports, this asks to differ according to our individual level, choice is different also! Really good enterprise, the price is reasonable, because they are branding, it’s about future value, is everybody win-win business philosophy!