How to maintain and maintain furniture testing equipment

Furniture testing equipment is an indispensable testing instrument for furniture manufacturers. It can carry out special tests on some unrecognizable quality, avoid related problems in the production of manufacturers, and provide perfect guarantee for furniture production. Testing all aspects of it provides a strong proof of the purchase of manufacturers and consumers.

In the process of using furniture testing equipment, pay attention to the operation of the specification and also maintain and maintain the machine to ensure that it maintains the correct data during the inspection process, promotes the improvement of the quality of the furniture and prolongs the service life of the machine. Here, the special equipment for the furniture testing equipment should be noted in the following points:

1, furniture testing equipment to prevent exposure
When the furniture is placed, it is generally best not to choose a place close to the window, avoiding the direct sunlight. If the furniture is exposed to the sun for a long time, it may appear fading, cracking, peeling, etc. Metal furniture may be oxidized and deteriorated.

2, furniture testing equipment to avoid moisture
The indoor dry humidity should be kept at a relatively stable level. When using the humidifier, be careful not to directly align the furniture when spraying.

3, furniture testing equipment away from heat sources
Keep the furniture away from heat sources such as gas, radiators, electric heaters, etc., so as not to take a long time. After the furniture is heated, the water will evaporate too quickly, causing cracks in the paint surface, peeling of the furniture and fading of furniture.

4, furniture testing equipment should be placed reasonably
The placement of furniture testing equipment is a very important part. The ground must be kept flat. After the furniture is placed, it can be placed in a stable and stable position. If the furniture is rocking for a long time, the uneven force of each part will cause the fasteners to loosen and stick. Part of the glue, affecting the life of the furniture.
5, furniture testing equipment should be cleaned in time
In the process of using the furniture, dust often falls, so it is necessary to clean the furniture frequently to keep the surface clean. When cleaning, it is best to use pure cotton fabric as a rag, wipe off the surface of the floating ash, the surface of the painted furniture, avoid using alcohol and other solvents to wipe.