Haida invites you to enter the 41st China international furniture fair


Haida invites you to enter the 41st China international furniture fair

The 41st China (guangzhou) international furniture expo is held at the guangzhou trade fair pavilion in pazhou, guangzhou, from March 28 to 31, 2018.In 2018, with the theme of "craftsmanship, quality and all-around docking", the expo has an exhibition scale of 750,000 square meters, and more than 4,100 exhibitors have become the focus of the global home furnishing industry, attracting over 195,082 professional visitors from home and abroad.As a landmark exhibition of home furnishing industry, China guangzhou international home fair always leads the trend and trend of the annual home furnishing market industry.


Today, the editor will bring you benefits. A furniture survey will show you what kind of furniture detection equipment you need.Haida invites you to visit guangzhou pazhou fair pavilion.


Many in the production of furniture manufacturers, in order to produce high quality furniture, need to buy some furniture, test equipment, however, because they do not understand the equipment, often upset what furniture testing equipment is their needs, there are a lot of furniture manufacturers may be because they don't understand your needs, but wrong for his equipment, you don't need to waste a lot of resources.

It doesn't matter how much equipment you buy, it matters that you buy the right equipment.That means saving money for the company and making profits for production!Here, the engineers of haida will tell you whether you need to buy a machine with multi-purpose mattress roll-edge hardness three-in-one equipment is more suitable, or whether it is cheaper to just buy a mattress rolling tester!


You can also learn what parts of an office chair need to be tested to know whether you need an armrest comprehensive test machine, a castor durability test machine, an office chair base rotation test machine, or a joint back test machine.


Of course, we can also learn about sofa detection equipment, board furniture detection equipment, sponge detection equipment selection!We are experts of furniture detection equipment, looking forward to answering your questions about furniture detection. I am waiting for you at pazhou furniture fair in Guangzhou.