Furniture Universal Test Machine

Product Description
Furniture Universal Test Machine
Do you know how long you have been sitting in a day?

In the era of developed networks today
A lot of work needs to sit at the computer desk to work
Day after day work
Have you ever thought about whether you will sit for too long?

In todays society, everyone wants to find a job in the office.
Many foreign workers are very envious
But do you know?
Sitting for a long time will cause many health problems.

People who are sitting for a long time are prone to cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis
It also causes muscle atrophy and reduces metabolism.

There are so many problems in sedentary
So long-term sitting on a chair with poor quality is more harmful.
Chair structure is unstable
When seat and seat back strength and durability are insufficient
Can't bring comfort
Will bring serious harm
Then how to check the back of the chair seat?
Furniture Universal Test Machine Solve for you