Product introduction丨Foam plastic falling ball rebound tester

Product introductionFoam plastic falling ball rebound tester
With the changes of the times
People know the value of the body
More and more people running

Running is also a kind of learning
Not only learn to run skills
There are also requirements for shoes

Since Adidas used BASF boost stunts in 2014
Created a lot of explosion shoes
Boost has super resilience

Although the technology is now mainly used on shoes
But with the development of technology
Stools and sofas may also use this technology.
Then in order to accurately detect the resilience of the material
Testing equipment is essential
Haida foam plastic ball rebound tester
Ability to accurately detect the rebound resilience of materials

The body is the cost of hard work
Everyone is moving
take more exercise
Have a good body
Will be able to meet a bright future!