chair seat combined tester

Small Loading Blocks,  Big Dreams

Today I’m going to tell a story about the loading block and seat loading block of a chair backrest.

Recently, our marketing department frequently occupied the factory’s laboratory exhibition hall as the site for shooting products. That day, a few of us drove professional shooting props, lights, photographers, and machines to shoot in an orderly manner. Everyone can make up for the scene here. . Suddenly, a colleague from the quality department ran to the laboratory and looked for something, looking for the loading block of the chair seat.

Fortunately, I have been careful to observe that what he was looking for was this fetish, and whether he was familiar with it. In fact, I saw it two days ago, but I did not see it today.

So taking advantage of the shooting time, I chatted with my colleagues. It turned out to be the seat loading block of the
 chair seat combined tester. Recently, the seat loading block was sent to the third-party measurement site in South China. Does this fetish also need to be measured? That's a big joke!

As the author of curious babies, you must not miss this opportunity to discover new things. I hurried to the engineering department to figure out the ins and outs of the matter. Hu told me: I have been busy for a year for this seat loading block and backrest loading block, and finally found a loading block material that meets the test standards, a loading block The selection of materials, before and after, repeated tests and tests, the important thing is that each material has different deformations. CNC processing is used in the process. Please professional engraving machine for processing. Each process is strictly required, and the final measurement It failed to pass, countless verifications, and finally passed the measurement until September this year, and it was consistent with the standard test requirements.

"The small loading blocks used to test the seat and back of the chair also have so much attention, and everything is not as simple as it seems..."
"Of course, we are serious in doing it, and we are not sloppy about sitting and backrest!"

The final data comparison is like this:
•The backrest loading block is qualified after changing the material four times, and it is divided into Saigang, FRP, wood, and aluminum. Finally, aluminum is selected;
• The seat loading block is qualified after a total of two changes of material, divided into steel and wood, and finally wood is selected.

How do you feel that from now on, seeing this fetish (loading block) has a different plot? After a year of heavy screening, that's right, it's it. This fetish, but it needs to be equipped with an artifact to play its greatest role! The name of the artifact is: HD-F780 chair and seat back joint testing machine. Each device has its specific meaning. There are two loading blocks on the back of each chair back testing machine that meets the standard: a backrest loading block and a seat loading block.