formaldehyde climate chamber

The importance of preventing formaldehyde

Formaldehyde is one of the indoor pollution problems that everyone is concerned about, but everyone is thinking about how to treat formaldehyde. In fact, the prevention of formaldehyde is more important than treatment.

That is to say, before long-term use of the product, the index of formaldehyde emission must be tested. For example, man-made panels, laminate flooring, panel furniture, paint, latex paint and other products that may contain formaldehyde.

Where does formaldehyde come from? Why is it said that it will be released for up to 10 years? The source of formaldehyde is phenolic resin or urea-formaldehyde resin, which is the glue used in our panel furniture or boards, which will slowly decompose free formaldehyde at room temperature.

When formaldehyde reaches a certain concentration, it will cause harm to the human body. Some people say that formaldehyde can be smelled with the nose, but formaldehyde is a colorless and toxic chemical substance. People can breathe formaldehyde into the body. It has a pungent odor, but it can only be smelled when the concentration of formaldehyde is high. When the concentration of formaldehyde is low, it is difficult for people to detect it by smell.

Grapefruit peel, lemon, steamed with vinegar, and pineapple use their own taste to cover up the peculiar smell of formaldehyde, which treats the symptoms but not the root cause. The adsorption capacity of plants is limited. If you want to rely on green plants to absorb formaldehyde, you need about 300 pots of plants for a new house of 100 square meters. Therefore, the effect of green plants on the absorption of formaldehyde is minimal.

The charcoal bag does have an adsorption function, but it is passive and can only adsorb formaldehyde near itself. However, the carbon bag must be replaced in time after it has adsorbed formaldehyde, otherwise it will become a source of pollution that emits formaldehyde. These methods of removing formaldehyde are minimal. Ventilation is a more efficient method to remove formaldehyde, but ventilation is not a once-and-for-all method. Once the windows are closed, formaldehyde will accumulate, and it is inevitable to not open the windows in life, so it should be used together with other methods.

The method to prevent formaldehyde production is to detect the index of formaldehyde emission, which can be tested by a device dedicated to detecting formaldehyde emission index. The following editor will introduce you a special device for detecting formaldehyde-formaldehyde climate chamber.

The formaldehyde climate chamber is suitable for the determination of formaldehyde emission of various man-made panels, composite wood floors, carpets, carpet underlays, carpet adhesives and other indoor decoration materials, and can be used for the detection of other volatile harmful gases. Really simulate the indoor climate environment, and the test results are closer to the real environment, so it is true and reliable.

Under the action of constant temperature, constant humidity and constant air flow, the measurement will start on the 7th day. When the number of tests exceeds 4 and the difference between the two measurement results before and after is less than 5%, the average value is taken as the measurement result. If the difference between the two measurement results is greater than 5%, it must be measured once a day. If the stable state is not reached within 28 days, the measured value on the 28th day can be used. Before and after the formaldehyde emission limit value is less than 0.124mg/m3, it is qualified.

Before you want to use artificial boards and composite floors for a long time, you must first check and find that the formaldehyde exceeds the standard and take effective measures in time! As long as precautions are in place, formaldehyde is not terrible.